Kári Tulinius

Kári Tulinius has published two novels, a poetry collection and a chapbook. He’s written more, but not everything is meant to be shared with the world. He and his family spend summers in Iceland and winters in Finland, like migratory birds who never learned that it’s warmer nearer the equator.


Text in Icelandic: Kári Tulinius
Translation into Finnish: Teemu Manninen
Translation into English: Larissa Kyzer
Translation into Russian: Olga Markelova

Read in Icelandic, in Finnish and in English by Kári Tulinius
Read in Russian by Elena Lapina-Balk

Will-o’-the-drift, in Icelandic

Will-o’-the-drift, in Finnish

Will-o’-the-drift, in English

Will-o’-the-drift, In Russian

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