Support freedom of expression

Without freedom of expression, we can’t tell each other about things that are wrong. Without freedom of expression, those who tell the truth end up in prison or risk their lives. Freedom of expression is an essential prerequisite for literature and art to flourish. There is no democracy without freedom of expression.

PEN is a volunteer-based organisation for writers, researchers, journalists, publishers and book sellers, in other words for the entire literary field. PEN supports freedom of expression, human rights, and profound and critical conversations.

With your help, together, we can do more. By donating you support writers, researchers and artists whose freedom of expression is threatened. You also support access to truthful information and societal debate based on a variety of perspectives.

We report on how we use our funds in our annual reports. We do not collect or publish the names of those who donate.

Thank you for your gift to freedom of expression!

Money collection account: FI73 8146 9710 3030 08, DABAFIHH

Money collection permit number: RA/2023/177

In force: 10.02.2023–

Holder of money collection permit: Suomen PEN – Finlands PEN ry, y-tunnus 1479576-4

Address: Tekstin talo, Lintulahdenkatu 3, 00530 Helsinki or

The funds will be used for:
– developing initiatives and statements
– implementing campaigns and other influencing activities
– information- and publishing activities related to freedom of expression
– organising discussions, lectures and cultural events
– supporting threatened and persecuted writers, artists, journalists and other defenders of freedom of expression or individuals whose right to freedom of expression is threatened
– costs related to developing the work of Suomen PEN – Finlands PEN ry. The aim is for Finnish PEN to operate effectively and influentially as a defender of freedom of expression in Finland and internationally in cooperation with other PEN-organisations.