Sulava audio collection

In 2021 Finnish PEN published the multilingual freedom of expression book “Sulava – The Multilingual Literature of Finland: Compilation”. The work offered a view of the diversity of languages within Finnish literature and, more widely, linguistic diversity in Finland. The texts were from 22 writers and each original text had at least two translations.

Based on these texts an audio collection, which makes it possible to listen to the texts in different languages, was produced in 2022 as a follow-up project. The audio collection comprises texts in 15 of the languages spoken in Finland. These include the national languages Finnish, Swedish and Northern Sámi and several texts in great world languages: Arabic, English, Spanish and Russian. There are also some other European languages to listen to: Icelandic, Greek, Ukrainian and Hungarian. Interesting additions to the language selection are Persian, Burmese, Marathi and Punjabi.

The authors of the compilation are: Inger-Mari Aikio, Gag Baani, Csilla Csépke, Muhaned Durubi, Zoila Forss, Yaseen Ghaleb, Saad Hadi, Farzaneh Hatami Landi, Susinukke Kosola, Elena Lapina-Balk, Shashank Mane, Hope Nwosu, Adrian Perera, José Luis Rico, Riku Ryynänen, Roxana Sadvokassova, Helena Sinervo, Olga Spyropoulou, Nataliya Teramae, Dodou Touray, Kári Tulinius and Ye Yint Thet Zwe.

The authors read their own text in their chosen language. Actors, translators and other language experts participated in reading the translations. Each author has their own page, so you can listen to their texts in different language versions.

Realisation of the Sulava audio collection
Production: Leena Manninen
Sound production: Julius Halme
Photos: Daniel Malpica

This project was made possible by the support of Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Sulava audiocollection in Finnish and in English

“Sulava – Multilingual literature in Finland” published by Suomen PEN in 2021 contains texts by 22 authors in 15 different...

/ 23 December 2023

Inger-Mari Aikio

I have worked as a freelance artist since 2008. Before that, I was a journalist for a magazine and on...

/ 10 November 2023

Gag Baani

I was forced to leave the country after spending 45 years in a small village ‘Gag’ in the backward part...

/ 10 November 2023

Csilla Csépke

Csilla Csépke is a Helsinki based writer from Hungary. She was born in the stern winter of 1986 in Budapest,...

/ 10 November 2023

Muhaned Durubi

Muhaned Durubi (born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1979) is a visual artist and a poet who lives in Helsinki. In...

/ 10 November 2023

Zoila Forss

Zoila Forss-Crespo Moreyra was born in Lima, Peru, on April 18, 1969. In 1995 Forss received her BA in Communications...

/ 10 November 2023

Yaseen Ghaleb

Yaseen Ghaleb Aldhadi, is an Iraqi writer who is currently based in Helsinki, Finland since 2015. In 2005 he graduated...

/ 10 November 2023

Saad Hadi

Saad Hadi is an Iraqi writer, journalist, and visual artist born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1956. He holds a master’s...

/ 10 November 2023

Farzaneh Hatami Landi

Farzaneh Hatami Landi (b.1964) is from southern Iran. She came to Finland in 1990 and completed her technology studies at...

/ 10 November 2023

Susinukke Kosola

Daniil Kozlov (b. 1991), artist named Susinukke Kosola, is a St. Petersburg-born writer living in Turku and a mixed worker...

/ 10 November 2023

Elena Lapina-Balk

Elena Lapina-Balk is a writer who was born in St. Petersburg. Having received a university degree from the Leningrad Institute...

/ 10 November 2023

Shashank Mane

Born in Mumbai, India, I have travelled and lived around the world from a young age. Spending years in Geneva,...

/ 10 November 2023

Hope Nwosu

Hope Nwosu was born on April 27, 1986 in Akpugoeze, Enugu, Nigeria. She received her BA in English and Literary...

/ 10 November 2023

Adrian Perera

Adrian Perera, born 1986, is a writer and lives in Turku. In addition to the collection of poems White Monkey...

/ 10 November 2023

José Luis Rico

José Luis Rico (Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, 1987) is a poet and translator from Northern Mexico currently living in Finland. Blanco...

/ 10 November 2023

Riku Ryynänen

I am a 40 year old cp disabled poet. In my poetry, I try to make otherness visible, my own...

/ 10 November 2023

Roxana Sadvokassova

A curious lazy amoeba who’s never quite sure of own shape, size and content. Born in 1992, Kazakhstan. After having...

/ 10 November 2023

Helena Sinervo

Helena Sinervo is a writer, poet and translator who lives in Helsinki. She has published 11 books of poems and...

/ 10 November 2023

Olga Spyropoulou

Olga Spyropoulou (b. 1985, Athens) is a Finland-based performance artist, poet, and researcher, utilizing disorder as artistic practice. She is...

/ 10 November 2023

Nataliya Teramae

I was born in 1980 and raised until the age of 11 in a state that doesn’t exist anymore –...

/ 10 November 2023