Peace Committee

The International Writers for Peace Committee was created in 1984, an era during which writers found it especially difficult to collaborate across the East–West divide of the Cold War. The committee’s founding members recognised the need to bring writers together to exchange ideas, especially when most other doors were closed. Every spring the committee meets in Bled, Slovenia, for its annual conference. PEN writers from around the world come together there to discuss issues of conflict, peace and freedom of expression, and to create a space for dialogue between writers from all parts of the world – especially from regions in conflict.

The Finnish PEN’s Peace Committee promotes peace work, freedom of expression and international collaboration by organizing discussions and other events and by co-working with other organizations striving for peace. The committee brings together writers from around the globe with other parties, and therefore enables mutual undestanding and exchange of information.


The committee chair is Peter Mickwitz


Bled Manifesto of the Writers for Peace Committee