Vladimir Neklyaev free in Belarus

The Belorusian authorities announced today that Vladimir Neklyaev (Ulazimir Njakljajeu) is free. He was arrested and put in jail in December 2010, at the time of the presidential elections. Neklyaev (Njalkjajeu) was a presidential candidate, but more importantly, since 1970’s he has been a well-known poet, writer and journalist in Belarusia and abroad.

When arrested in 2010 Neklyaev (Njalkjajeu) was battered causing serious spinal injuries. Neither under home curfew nor in jail has he been able to get proper medical care.

Neklyaev (Njalkjajeu) is an Honorary Member of Finnish PEN. He lived in Helsinki in 2000–2004 under Writer in Exile program of Finnish PEN.

Both Neklyaev’s daughter Eva Neklyaeva and Finnish PEN are very pleased with the outcome! Ms Neklyaeva lives in Helsinki and works as a theatrical producer organising Baltic Circle Theater Festival. In 2013 she received Freedom of Expression Award of the Finnish PEN.

Finnish PEN is looking forward to meeting it’s ex- Writer in Exile soon!

For more information, please contact

Jarkko Tontti
Chair of the Finnish PEN Center

Eva Neklyaeva


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