Discussion on the situation in Afghanistan at the Tampere Book Fair

Sunday 5.12. 12.00-13.00 The Tampere Book Fair – Book Festival

When the Taliban took power in Afghanistan in the autumn of 2021, Afghanistan’s artists, journalists and human rights activists were immediately in danger, and some of them did not survive. PEN’s guest will be the President of PEN Afghanistan, Samay Hamed, among the last to leave Kabul. His recent poem, For the last American soldier, has been published on PEN Finland’s website https://www.suomenpen.fi/en/samay-hamed-viimeiselle-amerikkalaiselle-sotilaalle/

Participants in the panel include documentarist Kirsi Mattila, who has trained female journalists in Afghanistan, and who is known for, for example, the documentary Marzia, my friend (Marzia, ystäväni ), and Ari Tasanen from the Unit for South Asia at Finland’s Foreign Ministry. 

The discussion will be moderated by Finnish PEN board member Dr. Joonas Maristo.

The discussion is being organized in cooperation with the Union of Journalists in Finland.

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