Discussion about freedom of expression and national security 13.9.2023

Background The event, organised by Finnish PEN, brought together experts on national security and freedom of expression, authors and journalists...

/ 20 September 2023
Ruotsinkielisen julkaisun kansi

New Swedish-language publication: Yttrandefriheten idag

”Yttrandefriheten idag” (Freedom of expression today) by Joy Hyvärinen considers freedom of expression in today’s public debates and the role...

/ 27 June 2022
Suomen PENin johtokunnan jäsen Joy Hyvärinen

Joy Hyvärinen: Controversial copyright law on its way

Finland, like other EU countries, needs to change its legislation to take account of the EU’s new copyright directive (DSM...

/ 8 October 2021