PEN:in julkilausuma Pariisin hyökkäyksistä

Suomen PEN yhtyy Kansainvälisen PEN:in ja Ranskan PEN:in julkilausumaan

Tuomitsemme Parisiin iskut ja lähetämme syvimmät suruvalittelumme uhrien omaisille ja Ranskan kansalle. Terrorin edessä ei tule lannistua – avoimuus, sananvapaus ja luottamus ovat edelleen puolustamisen arvoisia periaatteita.

Attacks on Paris

PEN International joins French PEN in condemning the Paris attacks and expressing our condolences to the families of the victims and the French population:

French PEN Club condemns with our utmost energy the cowardly attacks in Paris on the evening of Friday November 13th.

Those barbaric events are a tragic echo of those of January 2015, which already brought mourning to France.

It is again the ideals of Republic, Democracy, Secularity, Freedom, Equality and Fraternity that are the target of the attacks, through the abominable murders.

It is also an attack to Freedom of Expression, as the concert hall The Bataclan is a cultural venue.

We share the pain of the families and friends of the victims and we send them our condolences.

French PEN proclaims in front of these tragic events our commitment to the republican principles and to the value of respect to all human beings from all backgrounds and memories.

Love of literature, culture and democracy is stronger in front of these atrocities. This love will never be defeated.

Paris, Saturday November 14th, 2015

Jean-Luc Despax,  Pen Club France, Président

Sylvestre Clancier, Pen Club France, Président d’Honneur

Emmanuel Pierrat, Pen Club France, Membre du Bureau responsable des questions juridiques pour la France  à PEN International

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