Csilla Csépke

Csilla Csépke is a Helsinki based writer from Hungary. She was born in the stern winter of 1986 in Budapest, raised by a single mother of two. Started working at the age of twelve. She wrote her first poem when she was nine. It was bad. Really, really bad. With time she showed some improvement and graduated with distinction from the Gaspar Karoli University of the Reformed Church of Hungary, specialized for modern literature and. literary theory. Deeply and desperately, she fell in love with the Finnish language, when she heard it for the first time in her life, in 2011 in the Christmas Market of Turku. After years of blood, sweat and tears a.k.a. studying Finnish grammar (which only a moonstruck linguist like her would call “fun”) in 2015 she decided to move to Finland, and ever since she is living the challenging but happy life of a mamu. 2020 was the year she got a foot in the door and got published for the first time in Finland, thanks to Sivuvalo Platform. She writes mostly short stories and occasionally experiments with poetry. Her primary working language is English, but her style is strongly affected by the legacy of Hungarian literature. The splice of both creates a unique voice and a plastic language with an international taste.

Home is where / Jawbreaker / Little Emma

Texts in Hungarian and in English: Csilla Csépke
Translation into Finnish: Kasper Salonen

Read in Hungarian and in English by Csilla Csépke
Read in Finnish by Eeva Soivio

Home is where, in Hungarian

Home is where, in Finnish

Home is where, in English

Jawbreaker, in Hungarian

Jawbreaker, in Finnish

Jawbreaker, in English

Little Emma, in Hungarian

Little Emma, in Finnish

Little Emma, in English

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