Inger-Mari Aikio

I have worked as a freelance artist since 2008. Before that, I was a journalist for a magazine and on the radio for over 25 years. I have published 7 poetry books, 2 children’s books, 1 youth novel and 1 book on the history of my hometown. My poems have been translated into many different languages, e.g. in Spanish, Swahili, Hungarian, Bulgarian, German, Arabic, English, etc. I have also written lyrics for three recorded children’s songs and directed documentaries and music videos. I have participated in countless poetry festivals around the world, e.g. Morocco, El Salvador, Chile, Kenya, Colombia, Mexico and Guatemala. In several of these countries, my poems have also been published in books. Most recently, my poetry book. “69 čuoldda – 69 Pillars” was published in 2020 in Colombia in Spanish under the name “69 Pilares”.

Language Beasts / burn / rod creature

Texts in Northern Saami: Inger-Mari Aikio
Translations into Finnish: Helena Sinervo ja Inger-Mari Aikio
Translations into English (Language Beasts): Susan Heiskanen
Translations into English (burn, rod creature): Kasper Salonen
Translations into Spanish (burn, rod creature): Zoila Forss

Read in Northern Saami and in Finnish by Inger-Mari Aikio
Read in English by Miiko Toiviainen
Read in Spanish by Zoila Forss

Language Beasts, in Northern Saami

Language Beasts, in Finnish

Language Beasts, in English

burn, in Northern Saami

burn, in Finnish

burn, in English

burn, in Spanish

rod creature, in Northern Saami

rod creature, in Finnish

rod creature, in English

rod creature, in Spanish

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