Kolme toivomusta / Tre önskningar / Three wishes

Kolme toivomusta suomeksi
Tre önskningar på svenska

What would you as a woman wish for on the International Women´s Day? This question was posed to immigrant women in Finland. Here are their answers.

This year the Women Writers’ Commitee is focusing on the situation of immigrant women in Finland, and we start off with these texts. The texts are published in English, Finnish and Swedish. You will find the author´s first name and the country from wich she has moved to Finland in connection to each text.

We wish you pleasant Womens Day. May all your wishes be fulfilled!

Naisten päivän piirroskuva, jossa erilaisia naisia.


Shokrieh (Afghanistan):

To have the freedom to be myself, to be able to make decisions about my own life, and for others to listen to me and respect my views on things.


Bilge (Turkey):

In Turkey about 800 babies live in prison with their mothers. I wish they were in the warm family home. I would like thousands of people who are in prison for their ideas to be free and be able to speak freely in Turkey. I would like to eradicate injustice. I would put justice on the basic needs list.

I would like all girls around the world to get an education and learn a profession. I would make them progress academically. Educating a girl means educating women. If the woman develops, the family develops, if the family develops, the society also develops. Thus, the world also develops.

I wish there were no poor people left in the world. I would ensure everyone had a standard living condition. Thus, there would be no  problems of war, hunger and homelessness. I would like everyone in the world to live in peace and harmony with respect for each other.  I wish everyone to live with love in a world where there is no difference in language, religion and race.


Naima (Bangladesh):

I wish to be able to go for long holidays.
I wish to see my daughter get admitted to studies in medicine.
I wish if I could have enough earnings.


Sïmâ (Afghanistan):

I wish to be a courageous woman who can handle every hard situation, that others can respect me for who I am, and to be able to develop in every profession.


Wanthakan (Thailand):

I wish for women and men to have equal rights. I want women to be respected and not treated like objects. I also want to honour women and mothers who sacrifice their happiness in taking care of the children and the whole household.


Sabrina (Tanzania):

Immigrant parents need support in learning Finnish, so that they, in turn, can support their children. Immigrants study hard, but can´t get jobs that equal their education. Immigrant families should be activated to take part in their children´s hobbies.


Aan (Vietnam):

Wish to get married.
Earn enough.
Live a happy and joyful life.


Manita (Nepal):

I wish to travel back home and some European destinations. (I am not able to travel for a long time due to corona.)
I wish to get better permanent job and I wish to see my parents and live with them for some time..


Jie (China):

First of all, I wish I can get more working opportunities to support myself in a realistic perspective, as an immigrant, and at the same time to continue my wander in the field of art education and culture.

I moved to Finland for the purpose of my Master´s degree of Aalto University, Nordic Visual study and Art Education. Finnish Education is the key attraction for me to come to Finland. After graduation, I realized that the reality is far away from my dream. The knowledge, which I got from University is so different from the social requirements, like labour market. Finnish language is the first barrier, also the qualifications of each profession in Finland has its own rule. So I can’t find any job for almost one and half years. It is sad for me… because it makes confusing about the passion of education itself. Now luckily I got some part time jobs at Kansalaisopisto and also 4H association.

I hope government to do something to improve the relationship between the local Finnish society and the international human resources.

Secondly, I hope C19 is over as soon as possible. It is such a terrible disaster for whole of the world.  I can’ t travel back to visit my parents… Children can’t go to hobby or schools… I am worry about families all the time as mother, daughter, and wife…

Also, maybe it is a wish or a planning that I want to visit 40 Finnish national parks during the rest of my life… I love Finnish nature and I would love to speak out this Love to nature mother.

PEN Tiedotus