Roxana Sadvokassova

A curious lazy amoeba who’s never quite sure of own shape, size and content. Born in 1992, Kazakhstan. After having graduated international law (with excellence), working as a photographer in nightclubs, handing leaflets on the streets, being a secretary for precisely 1 day and dropping out of 1,5 master’s degrees – arts was the way to go. Having absorbed things from the environment by unconscious osmosis, I make myself puke it out. My main puking buckets are writing, filmmaking, stand up & comedy, sometimes sculpture. So far the biggest chunks that pop up and float on the acidic surface are tragicomedy of existence, complexity of relationships and mere confusion of being here. In my free time I am reluctantly learning about taxes, changes, human brain, neurophysiology of relationships, God and driving – all from the internet and vicinity of my bed & double blankets. P.S – at the moment of writing this bio I’m heavily under the influence of “Trainspotting”.

Persistent sensation

Text in Russian: Roxana Sadvokassova
Translation into Finnish: Eero Balk
Translation into English: Eva Mihti
Translation into Spanish: Daniel Malpica

Read in Russian, in Finnish and in English by Roxana Sadvokassova
Read in Spanish by Daniel Malpica

Persistent sensation, in Russian

Persistent sensation, in Finnish

Persistent sensation, in Spanish

Persistent sensation, in English

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