Sulava: The Multilingual Literature of Finland has been published by Finnish PEN

Sulava – The Multilingual Literature of Finland: Compilation offers a view of the diversity of languages within Finnish literature and, more widely, linguistic diversity in Finland. The book presents a group of writers with immigrant backgrounds writing in different languages and writers who write in the native languages. Contributions were invited under the heading “Language as a home, home as a language”. The selected texts are from 22 writers and each original text has at least two translations. The efforts of the writers and 25 translators produced around 50 translations in a total of 17 different languages.

The writers: Inger-Mari Aikio, Gag Baani, Csilla Csépke, Muhaned Durubi, Zoila Forss, Yaseen Ghaleb, Saad Hadi, Farzaneh Hatami Landi, Susinukke Kosola, Elena Lapina-Balk, Shashank Mane, Hope Nwosu, Adrian Perera, José Luis Rico, Riku Ryynänen, Roxana Sadvokassova, Helena Sinervo, Olga Spyropoulou, Nataliya Teramae, Dodou Touray, Kári Tulinius, and Ye Yint Thet Zwe.

The book has been edited by Veera Tyhtilä, Leena Manninen, Joonas Maristo and Daniel Malpica, who is also responsible for the visual presentation and photographs in the book. A visual element is the beauty of many different writing systems.

This book presents seventeen of the languages spoken in Finland. The native languages (Finnish, Swedish and Saami) are included, as well as several texts in major world languages: Arabic, English, Russian, and Spanish. The book also gives an extensive sample of European languages: Icelandic, Greek, French, German, Ukrainian, and Hungarian. Furthermore, Persian, Burmese, Marathi, and Punjabi bring an interesting addition to the language selection, particularly through their writing systems. At the end of the book, you will find basic information about the languages, e.g., number of speakers, information about writing systems, language families, etc.

The book’s title is “Sulava – Multilingual Literature of Finland: Compilation and it is sold by Akateeminen kirjakauppa and Rosebud. The book will also become available through Rosebud online.

Publication event for the book Sulava
Sat 30.10. 13.00-17.00 Rosebud Sivullinen (Kaisaniemenkatu 5, Helsinki)

The book Sulava – Multilingual Literature of Finland – publication event in Helsinki’s largest bookshop. The programme presents authors reading their text in the original language and in translation. Guests of honour at the event will be PEN International’s new President Burhan Sönmez (Turkey) and board members Kätlin Kaldmaa (Estonia) and Regula Venske (Germany).

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