Month: November 2023

Dodou Touray

I was born in The Gambia in 1966 in Banjul. After undergoing training with a governmental newspaper, I worked as...

/ 10 November 2023

Kári Tulinius

Kári Tulinius has published two novels, a poetry collection and a chapbook. He’s written more, but not everything is meant...

/ 10 November 2023

Ye Yint Thet Zwe

Ye Yint Thet Zwe (born 1965 in Yangon, Myanmar) is a Burmese poet currently based in Helsinki. He studied Myanmar...

/ 10 November 2023
Vera Politkovskajan kirja Äitini

Iida Simes: Let us see hope

The murder of Anna Politkovskaya (30.8.1958 – 7.10.2006) was immediately widely noticed by the media worldwide. The murderer shot Politkovskaya...

/ 4 November 2023