Elena Lapina-Balk

Elena Lapina-Balk is a writer who was born in St. Petersburg. Having received a university degree from the Leningrad Institute of Mechanics and Optics, (Department of Quantum Physics), she also graduated from the School of Journalism. Elena Lapina-Balk lives in Espoo and is the author of five poetry collections. Her book of short stories and oriental poetry “Paths of Destiny” (2011) was nominated for the Dovlatov Literary Prize. Her poetry collection “Silk whispers Above the Abyss of Dreams” (2006, 2007) written in collaboration with the poet Alex Sanders (Sweden) in 2008 was nominated for the Nikolai Zabolotsky Prize in 2009. She is also the editor of numerous poetry collections, published both in and outside Russia. Elena Lapina-Balk is also a member of the Finnish PEN Club, member of the Union of Writers of St. Petersburg, Russia. Elena Lapina-Balk is the Head of the international literary association “Taivas”, the founder and chief editor of the literary almanac of the Russian-speaking world diaspora “Under the Single Sky”. In 2012, during the international competition in Rome, her book “Wind of Wanderings” was awarded an honorary prize for the active role in strengthening ties between compatriots, preserving and promoting the Russian language and culture abroad.

Spy on those who miss me

Text in Russian: Elena Lapina-Balk
Translation into Finnish: Eero Balk
Translation into English: Ivan Berezhny

Read in Russian by Elena Lapina-Balk
Read in Finnish by Eeva Soivio
Read in English by Miiko Toiviainen

Spy on those who miss me, in Russian

Spy on those who miss me, in Finnish

Spy on those who miss me, in English

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