Susinukke Kosola

Daniil Kozlov (b. 1991), artist named Susinukke Kosola, is a St. Petersburg-born writer living in Turku and a mixed worker in the field of literature. He has published three poetry collections and one genre hybrid book that have been praised by the critics and have received awards and nominations. His third work, Varisto, is also experimental in its form of publication – a completely handwritten collection cannot be purchased, it can only be obtained by making a personal confession. His fourth work, The Turquoise Zone, is a genre hybrid that combines poetry, essays, and a verse novel form. Kosola is also known as the founder of the publishing house Kolera Collective, which focuses on poetry and social literature, as a stage poet, and as the inventor and leader of the national Runografi project. In addition to his artistic work, he works as a teacher of lyric writing at the University of Turku, among others, and actively works in the literary field in his area.

Peaceful experience seeking a word for life

Text in Finnish: Susinukke Kosola
Translation into English: Susan Heiskanen
Translation into Spanish: Daniel Malpica

Read in Finnish by Eeva Soivio
Read in English by Miiko Toiviainen
Read in Spanish by Daniel Malpica

Peaceful experience seeking a word for life, in Finnish

Peaceful experience seeking a word for life, in English

Peaceful experience seeking a word for life, in Spanish

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