Shashank Mane

Born in Mumbai, India, I have travelled and lived around the world from a young age. Spending years in Geneva, Switzerland, where I learned to speak French and fragmented Spanish, and in different parts of the USA, I was fortunate to be exposed to linguistically rich and diverse populations from a young age. Being brought up in a trilingual environment, where we spoke English, Marathi, and Hindi, language has always played an important role for me. It holds feelings of familiarity, comfort, and provides pathways to different parts, periods, and people in my life. Reading and writing have played a central role in my life since I was a child. My love for writing stems from my experiences and interests in difficult issues. My literary creations (fiction and poetry) often address a variety of topics such as marginalization, hardship, and isolation. I have lived in Finland since 2013 and learned Finnish through language lessons and my work. I completed my MSc. at the University of Jyväskylä in early 2019. I have published in different reviews, quarterlies, and journals, (Every Writer Magazine, Gravel Lit., and Sivuvalo among others) as well as performed at various poetry events (Turku Poetry week, Kiila Club and others) in the past few years. My first collection of short stories and poetry “Moments” was published in 2017 and my most recent collection of short stories “Glass Streams” was published in 2020.

My food, clothes, and shelter

Text in English: Shashank Mane
Translation into Finnish: Kasper Salonen
Translation into Marathi: Revati Dabholkar

Read in English by Shashank Mane
Read in Finnish by Eeva Soivio
Read in Marathi by Amit Tambe

My food, clothes, and shelter, in English

My food, clothes, and shelter, in Finnish

My food, clothes, and shelter, in Marathi

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