Farzaneh Hatami Landi

Farzaneh Hatami Landi (b.1964) is from southern Iran. She came to Finland in 1990 and completed her technology studies at Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences. Farzaneh Hatami Landi started writing poems at a young age and has continued to write while living in Finland. Since 2000, she has focused intensively on writing poetry, and the result has been a collection of being an immigrant in Finland. The name of the poetry collection is “The Voice of Shadows” which is trilingual (Persian, Finnish, English). Her poems emerge from a moment of enthusiasm but express long-term inner pains and also desires. Her goal is to encourage immigrant women to write about their own experiences and aspirations. Farzaneh Hatami Landi works with immigrants in various organizations and is currently doing work related to the development of immigrant work.

I wonder

Text in Persian: Farzaneh Hatami Landi
Translation into Finnish: Farzaneh Hatami Landi ja Mikko Viitamäki
Translation into English: Kasper Salonen

Read in Persian, in Finnish and in English by Farzaneh Hatami Landi

I wonder, in Persian

I wonder, in Finnish

I wonder, in English

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