Saad Hadi

Saad Hadi is an Iraqi writer, journalist, and visual artist born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1956. He holds a master’s degree in the history of art from the College of Fine Arts, at University of Baghdad. He issued 7 books in Arabic: three collections of stories (Still Life, 1990, Baghdad; Ancestors in elsewhere, 2004, Baghdad; Blackness, 2019, Damascus) and four novels (Layla and the monkey, 2005, Damascus; Oriental Abstract, 2006, Damascus; Lame whore birds, 2013, Moment Digibooks, London; The Sultans of ash, 2014, Moment Digibooks, London). Hadi has been working as a journalist since 1975. He was the founder and the editor of the website “Alrowaee – The novelist” which specializes in the affairs of the novel. He currently lives in Espoo, Finland.


Text in Arabic: Saad Hadi
Translation into Finnish: Sampsa Peltonen
Translation into English: Eva Mihti

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