José Luis Rico

José Luis Rico (Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, 1987) is a poet and translator from Northern Mexico currently living in Finland. Blanco (2012), his first chapbook, was published by the independent publisher La Dïéresis. Duna, his second chapbook, appeared through the Fondo Editorial Tierra Adentro, in 2013. His book Jabalíes was published by the Fondo Editorial Tierra Adentro in 2015. He has been awarded with creative writing fellowships by the Fundación para las Letras Mexicanas from 2010-2012; the International Seminary for the Development of Young Translators, sponsored by the French Institute for Latin America and the French Embassy in 2012; the Chihuahua State Arts Council “David Alfaro Siqueiros” Fellowship Program, in 2014; and the New York University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, 2016-2018; and Mexico’s National Endowment for Arts and Culture in 2018-2019. Winner of the National Poetry Prize for Young Writers “Guillermo López Muñoz” in 2012; the Premio Chihuahua Prize for the Arts and Sciences in 2014 in the category of “Literature” with a specialty in poetry; and the National Prize for Young Poets “Francisco Cervantes Vidal” 2015.


Text in Spanish: José Luis Rico
Translation into Finnish: Anne Ketola
Translation into English: José Luis Rico

Read in Spanish by Daniel Malpica
Read in Finnish by Eeva Soivio
Read in English by Miiko Toiviainen

Prayer, in Spanish

Prayer, in Finnish

Prayer, in English

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