Olga Spyropoulou

Olga Spyropoulou (b. 1985, Athens) is a Finland-based performance artist, poet, and researcher, utilizing disorder as artistic practice. She is interested in how we relate to each other and experiments with different modalities of spectactorship and non-hierarchical methodologies. Spyropoulou explores poetry as performance material and exhibits it as visual artwork. Her poems have appeared in literary magazines in Greece such as Εμβόλιμον, Σίσυφος, Νέο Επίπεδο, in exhibitions (Lehmus Murtomaa: Political Being, Ex-Club: They came and ate all the seed) and in performance festivals (Kuudennen päivän festivaali).

States of depression

Text in Greek and in English: Olga Spyropoulou
Translation into Finnish: Helena Sinervo
Translation into Spanish: Daniel Malpica

Read in Greek and in English by Olga Spyropoulou
Read in Finnish by Miiko Toiviainen
Read in Spanish by Daniel Malpica

PLEASE NOTE! The original text published in the book is in two languages: the first part is in Greek and the second part in English. You can listen to the entire text in Finnish and in English via the links below. Only the first part is available in Greek and only the second part in Spanish.

States of depression (first part), in Greek

States of depression (both parts), in Finnish

States of depression (both parts), in English

States of depression (second part), in Spanish

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