Yaseen Ghaleb

Yaseen Ghaleb Aldhadi, is an Iraqi writer who is currently based in Helsinki, Finland since 2015. In 2005 he graduated as Bachelor of English Arts from the University of Basra, Iraq. Yaseen is a writer of prose, articles and poetry. He is author of the novel “15+” (2020), which was debuted at the Cairo International Book Fair. He has also been interested in pursuing playwriting. Yaseen is member of several Finnish writers associations such as Kiila ry, Finnish PEN, English PEN, Uudenmaan Kirjoittajat ry, Teksti ry and Nuoren Voiman Liitto. His first poetry collection in English and Finnish will be published by Enostone Publishing House. He got a grant from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland to write his first collection of short stories.


Text in Arabic: Yaseen Ghaleb
Translation into Finnish: Jussi T. Seppälä
Translation into English: Eva Mihti

Read in Arabic by Yaseen Ghaleb
Read in Finnish by Eeva Soivio
Read in English by Miiko Toiviainen

Intertextuality, in Arabic

Intertextuality, in Finnish

Intertextuality, in English

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