Ainon päivän tilaisuuden julistekuva. Kuvassa kirjailijat Judyth Hill, Lina Bonde, Mia Franck, Katja Kallio ja Susinukke Kosola

Writer Judyth Hill is the keynote speaker on Aino Kallas’s name day

Writer and active PEN International member Judyth Hill is visiting Finland. In addition to being a writer, Judyth Hill also...

/ 27 April 2022
Judyth Hill

Judyth Hill: The Hand That Holds the Pen Can Rock the World

I believe in Writers. Because we can speak softly and loudly and not carry a big stick. Because we can...

/ 19 April 2020
runoilija Yaseen Ghaleb

Yaseen Ghaleb: Cc: NO BODY

Cc: NO BODY 2020, Yaseen Ghaleb 1 Have you heard the voice of rose? Open your glass ears, release your...

/ 4 April 2020