Free Word

Free Word (Vapaa sana) is an online writing series published by Finnish PEN. We publish poetry, prose, essays and articles mainly by our members but also texts written by writers whose freedom of expression is endangered. Free Word is also a platform for texts discussing timely freedom of expression topics. If you wish your text to be published in the series send it to For the full series, click:

Mojibur Doftori: International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day first initiated by UNESCO in 1999, has been observed throughout the world on February 21 every...

/ 24 February 2016

Mojibur Doftori: Global Islamic Extremism: Time for Muslims to Break Silence

Global Islamic Extremism: Time for Muslims to Break Silence In recent time, horrific atrocities on innocent people around the world...

/ 17 December 2014

Cathal Sheerin: Out in the Cold: Russia and the Sochi Winter Games

No Winter Olympic Games have been so eagerly anticipated by non-sports fans as those that will take place in Sochi,...

/ 18 January 2014

Aurélia Lassaque: Poèmes (French)

Poèmes – Aurélia Lassaque Lo rei de seda saura Engana l’aucelum e tuteja l’aura. Quilhat dins l’èrba salvatja A perdut...

/ 17 December 2011

Aurélia Lassaque: Langue occitane (French)

« Pacienta e brava, l’aranha occitana teis sa tela per engabiar la maranha e que las paraulas vièlhas encara un còp...

/ 17 December 2011

Solomon Hailemariam: An ancient country with ancient languages and literatures

Solomon Hailemariam Ethiopia is one of the most ancient countries in the world. The Ethiopian alphabet has been in use...

/ 21 October 2011
Nasrin Sotoudeh

Nasrin Sotoudeh: A Letter to my Daughter

Your Strength was no Less than Mine While the U.S. PEN Association announced that they will be awarding Nasrin Sotoudeh...

/ 30 August 2011

Christopher Mlalazi: Autum Leaves. A novel excerpt

Chapter One Arms stretched over his head, and his mouth open in a half yawn, he is standing at the...

/ 8 July 2011