1. Yaseen Ghaleb: Cc: NO BODY
  2. Judyth Hill: The Hand That Holds the Pen Can Rock the World
  3. Joonas Maristo: Sananvapaus ja vastuu – tutkijan paikka vapaana?


  1. Mojibur Doftori: Gandhi’s East-West Synthesis and Its Relevance in the 21st Century
  2. Shashank Mane: From India to Finland: A PEN Legacy
  3. Veera Tyhtilä: Sananvapaus ja oikeistopopulismi
  4. Tom Dodd: The UK is committed to promoting the rights of LGBT people


  1. Çiler İlhan: You killed / Öldürdünüz
  2. Galal El-Behairy: Statement
  3. Galal El-Behairy: The Tartan Shirt


  1. Mojibur Doftori: Strengthening Universal Liberal Democratic Values: What the World Can Learn from India and Nordic Countries?
  2. Jamshid Barzgar: Border Guard’s Question


  1. Mojibur Doftori: International Mother Language Day
  2. Nasiba Hilal: A Day in the Life of an Ordinary Woman
  3. Ahmed Zaidan: A Poet Sings for Life in Midst of Death…


  1. Cathal Sheerin: Out in the Cold: Russia and the Sochi Winter Games
  2. Mojibur Doftori: Global Islamic Extremism: Time for Muslims to Break Silence


  1. Christopher Mlalazi: Autum Leaves. A novel excerpt
  2. Nasrin Sotoudeh: A Letter to my Daughter
  3. Solomon Hailemariam: An ancient country with ancient languages and literatures
  4. Aurélia Lassaque: Langue occitane (French)
  5. Aurélia Lassaque: Poèmes (French)