PEN Tiedotus

Riku Ryynänen

I am a 40 year old cp disabled poet. In my poetry, I try to make otherness visible, my own...

/ 10 November 2023

Roxana Sadvokassova

A curious lazy amoeba who’s never quite sure of own shape, size and content. Born in 1992, Kazakhstan. After having...

/ 10 November 2023

Helena Sinervo

Helena Sinervo is a writer, poet and translator who lives in Helsinki. She has published 11 books of poems and...

/ 10 November 2023

Olga Spyropoulou

Olga Spyropoulou (b. 1985, Athens) is a Finland-based performance artist, poet, and researcher, utilizing disorder as artistic practice. She is...

/ 10 November 2023

Nataliya Teramae

I was born in 1980 and raised until the age of 11 in a state that doesn’t exist anymore –...

/ 10 November 2023

Dodou Touray

I was born in The Gambia in 1966 in Banjul. After undergoing training with a governmental newspaper, I worked as...

/ 10 November 2023

Kári Tulinius

Kári Tulinius has published two novels, a poetry collection and a chapbook. He’s written more, but not everything is meant...

/ 10 November 2023

Ye Yint Thet Zwe

Ye Yint Thet Zwe (born 1965 in Yangon, Myanmar) is a Burmese poet currently based in Helsinki. He studied Myanmar...

/ 10 November 2023
Vera Politkovskajan kirja Äitini

Iida Simes: Let us see hope

The murder of Anna Politkovskaya (30.8.1958 – 7.10.2006) was immediately widely noticed by the media worldwide. The murderer shot Politkovskaya...

/ 4 November 2023
Pirita Näkkäläjärvi saamenpuvussa Eduskuntatalon edustalla

Pirita Näkkäläjärvi: Hate Speech and Indigenous People Sámi

Freedom of speech of indigenous peoples and hate speech towards indigenous peoples has not been widely studied. Academic literature on...

/ 6 February 2023
Ukrainalainen toimittaja Nataliya Teramae

Nataliya Teramae: The Shell of a Snail

Read the Essay by Nataliya Teramae in Ukrainian. When you emigrate to a foreign country, you automatically start looking for...

/ 9 November 2022
Suomen PENin puheenjohtaja Peter Mickwitz kirjahyllyn edessä

Peter Mickwitz: Örnulf Tigerstedt, right-wing radical and president of PEN Finland

Panem et Circenses. Let me toast to your freedom your eight-hour workday, your cultivated soul, your progress and your other...

/ 20 August 2022
Judyth Hill

Judyth Hill: Wage peace

Author and active PEN International member Judyth Hill is visiting Finland’s PEN 5-11.5. In addition to his commitment to freedom...

/ 6 May 2022
Ainon päivän tilaisuuden julistekuva. Kuvassa kirjailijat Judyth Hill, Lina Bonde, Mia Franck, Katja Kallio ja Susinukke Kosola

Writer Judyth Hill is the keynote speaker on Aino Kallas’s name day

Writer and active PEN International member Judyth Hill is visiting Finland. In addition to being a writer, Judyth Hill also...

/ 27 April 2022
Nataliya Teramae kesäisessä järvimaisemassa

Nataliya Teramae: How we brought up a dictator

Artists do have the gift of prophesying. For Ulf Stark’s book ‘The Dictator’ Linda Bondestam created a picture of a...

/ 31 March 2022
Ukrainan lipun väri maisemassa: keltaisena kukkiva pelto alhaalla ja sininen taivas ylhäällä

Nobel Laureates, writers and artists worldwide condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

(Read in Ukrainian, Russian, Arabic.) To our friends and colleagues in Ukraine, We, writers around the world, are appalled by the violence...

/ 27 February 2022
Yhdistetty neljästä kuvasta. Kuvissa vasemmalta Kaisa-Mari Jama, Oula-Antti Labba, Helga West ja Pirita Näkkäläjärvi.

To hear the Sámi voices, Discussion on December 13th, 2021, via Zoom

In recent years, there has been a lot of hate speech and racist intimidation against the Sámi, especially on the...

/ 3 December 2021
Kuva on yhdistetty kahdesta kuvasta. Vasemman puoleisessa on dokumentaristi Kirsi Mattila ja oikean puoleisessa PEN Afganistanin puheenjohtaja Samay Hamed

Discussion on the situation in Afghanistan at the Tampere Book Fair

AFGHANISTAN: FLEE OR DIE Sunday 5.12. 12.00-13.00 The Tampere Book Fair – Book Festival When the Taliban took power in...

/ 1 December 2021
Kolmessa erillisessä kuvassa vasemmalta alkaen KÄtlin Kaldmaa, Regula Venske ja Burhan Sönmez.

PEN International 100 years. Discussion at Helsinki Book Fair

Helsinki Book Fair: Sat 30.10. klo 18.30 Hakaniemi-lava: ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF WORK FOR GLOBAL FREEDOM OF SPEECH – PEN...

/ 20 October 2021
Sulava-kirjan kansi

Sulava: The Multilingual Literature of Finland has been published by Finnish PEN

Sulava – The Multilingual Literature of Finland: Compilation offers a view of the diversity of languages within Finnish literature and,...

/ 15 October 2021